Some Program Highlights

to Whet Your Appetite

for OR-e-Con 2’s Masala Topics!

We are still finishing the solidification of our virtual Program, but here is a teaser from our Guests of Honor – David Levine and Dale Ivan Smith. Both are successful writers and have much to share.

Because they are familiar with each other’s work, they have asked to use a slightly different format for a GoH interview — and will be interviewing each other! Each will also be doing a reading of their recent work.

David will be offering two special slide presentations on topics of interest to fans and aspiring writers:

      • Planetology for Writers: Virtually every story ever written takes place on, near, or between planets, but only SF/Fantasy has the freedom to choose or even create planets. Let’s talk about how the composition, size, orbit, and other characteristics of planets, moons, and asteroids — known, theoretical, and fictional — can be used to make your characters’ lives more interesting!
      • Idea to Outline in an Hour: An interactive session that shows you how to start with an idea and develop it into a complete outline for a short story — complete with characters, plot, and setting — in just one hour!

Additionally, Dale will be part of a panel on Self Publishing in 2022.

The virtual program (non-musical) will begin on Friday afternoon, continue through Saturday and end Sunday afternoon. You just know the filk circle will go later!