Open Personnel Opportunities

With this being a fan run and volunteer based convention, we need community support to bring the wonders of our convention to life! Want to help orchestrate the magical aspects of Orycon with your wits, experiences, and skills you’ve honed over the years? Would you like to help make the changes you’ve hoped to see in Orycon? Want to just help make sure things run smoothly for this event? We need the energy and fire from our volunteers to help make this convention a reality! We are currently looking for key personnel positions within the OryCon staff:

Secretary/Internal Communications (which may be split)
Vice Chair
Personnel (pre-convention)

This page will be updated as positions become available or are filled.  Click on ‘Vew and Sign up’ on the form below to view all position descriptions and sign ups.  THANK YOU!

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.