Nerf Wars

Pre-Game Rules:

  • Eye protection is encouraged but not required.
  • You may bring your own blasters but do not bring ammo (darts, disks, and Rival will be provided) unless your are using an obscure ammo type. (arrows, rockets, etc)
  • Blaster must not have internal modifications. Cosmetic modifications are fine.
  • Foam melee weapons and shields are allowed but must be inspected for safely before use.

General Rules:

  • OryCon is a family event, be a good sport!
  • Hits to any part of your body or gear counts as a hit.
  • Hits to the blaster in your hand does not count.
  • When tagged you must return to your teams respawn point and follow the current games respawn rules.
  • If a shield is hit by a Mega dart is counts as a tag.
  • If a shield is hit by a Rocket it is destroyed for that round.

Game Types:

Capture the Flag

Classic capture the Flag. Both teams will have a flag in a designated area. To win you must capture the enemies flag and return it to your designated area. If tagged while carrying the flag you must drop it. You cannot move your own team’s flag. 10 second individual respawn.

Capture the Balls

Similar to Capture the flag but it involves two buckets of ball pit balls in the middle of the field. The goal is to capture as many balls as possible within the time limit or until all the balls are captured. You may only carry one ball at a time. If you are tagged you must drop the ball. 15 second team respawn.

Humans vs Aliens vs Zombies

Aliens are armed with Vortex blasters. Humans are armed with anything else. When a Human or Alien is tagged they become a Zombie. They must put down their blaster and go to a respawn point. They then attempt to tag Humans. Any Humans tagged by a Zombie become a Zombie.

Titan Ball

Each team has a goal marked on the ground. Spread out around the field are Rockets and Launchers. Rockets cannot be moved unless first loaded on a launcher. The goal is to shoot the Rocket into your opponent’s goal. The Rocket must stop inside the goal to count. Once a Rocket has been used to score it is take out of play. If you are tagged while carrying a Rocket you must put it down. First team to 3 points wins. 15 second individual respawns.