From our Music Chair, Cecilia Eng: After we had the approval from Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) to run a virtual Or-E-Con 2, I asked for musicians interested in performing to send me their e-mail addresses on the opening day of the third virtual FilKONtario (FK-NO3). The quality of the responses from the filk community was most impressive. We added in as many of the past OryCon program participants and some of our previous guests of honor so we would have a mix of local and international talent.

As of this writing, I’m counting 9 performers who have been inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame, an award for lifetime (and ongoing) achievement within the Filk Community presented each year at FilKONtario, Canada.  Twenty-two performers have received one or more Pegasus Awards, established in 1984 by the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (OVFF) to recognize and honor excellence in filking.  While some of our invitees had to decline and we would have liked to invite many more, we only had so much time over the course of the three-day weekend, and wanted to make sure that the Open Song Circles could start at 6:00pm Pacific Time each evening.

This year, our Music Guest of Honor is Lawrence Dean (check out the Guests of Honor page), who hails from the United Kingdom:

Other performers as of this writing include:

Alexander James Adams:

THE BARDZ AT LARGE:  Graham & Becca Leathers –

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff:

Luke Bretscher & Emily Murman

THE CAMISAS:  Matt Thick & his band –

Piers Cawley:

Blind Lemming Chiffon

CHRIS THE BARD aka Chris Clarke:

THE COGNITIVE DISSONANTS:  Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Ken Lalonde, and Sally Headford

Douglas Davidson

Cecilia Eng:  (2nd of three 45-minute sets)


Brett Glass

Tim Griffin:

Merav Hoffman:

Michael Hopcroft

Mark Horning:

Daniel Kelly:

Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn:

Creede Lambard

Michael Longcor:  email

Kari Maaren:

Michael McAfee

Devin Melanson

Phil Mills & Jane Garthson:

PDX BROADSIDES:  Dr. Jessica Hebert, Christian Lipski & Hollyanna McCollom –

Heather Preston

Alan Pollard & Morva Bowman

RANDOM FRACTIONS:  Cathy McManamon & Jason Neerenberg –

Mike Richards

Roberta Rogow:

Andrew Ross

Steve Savitzky:

Betsy Tinney:

Debora & Basil VanHeyningen

In addition to the concerts, we will have Open Song Circles daily from 6pm Pacific Time onward and an early morning (9:00am Pacific Time) Themed Circle on Folk Favorites and a songwriting deconstruction, “Anatomy & Genesis of a Song” by Lawrence Dean.

— Cecilia Eng with the help of Xap Esler