We are hoping to have an amazing show this year! After all, you have had 2 years to work on your costumes.

While most awards will be at the judges’ discretion, these are the things that will influence the awards:

  • Presentation – these awards will be given for the EFFECTIVENESS of your costume as seen on-stage. Presentation judges view the complete costume and how it moves or changes across the stage during the Masquerade. EVERYONE WILL BE JUDGED FOR THIS ONE
  • Workmanship – these awards will be given for the QUALITY of the construction. More than one may be given out, and they may be given for a specific part (i.e. a prop, a headdress, the construction of the costume, embroidery, etc.) Workmanship judges have the task of selecting aspects of a costume entry that might be worth noting above other entries, for choice of material, skill of construction or embellishment, or for any other reason.
  • Cos-Play
    • If it is a recreation, how well did you match the original. Make sure you bring source material for the judges. Two or more copies of photographs would be preferred.
    • If it is a unique creation, how good/solid is your back story and how well does your costume match this.

Appropriate documentation can help the judges understand the nature of an entry and influence the judges’ decisions. Entrants should always be encouraged to provide documentation for the judges. Documentation may be as simple as a single reference photo, a more complete packet of references and progress photos, or even a thesis project providing justification and documentation for each creative decision along the way.

You may be considered for any/all of these categories, but only one is required for entry!

Also, in keeping with the theme of the convention, there will be an award for Most Humorous.

We will have separate categories/judging for children, defined as anyone 16 and under. Older children may chose to enter the adult competition. There will be separate awards given for costumes made primarily by the child and for those made primarily by an adult.

Adult Entry :

Child entry:

The Rules

If you violate any of these rules, you may be disqualified and dropped from the competition.

IMPORTANT: Due to Covid regulations, you will be required to wear a mask at all times, even when on-stage. Please take this into consideration when making your costume.

  1. All contestants must be attending members of Orycon 42. If the maker and presenter are different people, both must be attending members.
  2. This is a costume competition celebrating and rewarding the art and craft of costuming. Purchased and rented costumes may not be entered.
  3. Each presenter may only appear on stage in a single entry. One body, one presentation.
  4. The standard PG rule applies. No costume is “no costume.”
  5. No live animals are allowed on stage with the exceptions of a) people and b) service animals.
  6. No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage or in the green room are allowed. No materials or effects that may ruin another entrant’s costume are allowed.
  7. No pyrotechnics or any other open flames are allowed.
  8. All special effects must be reviewed with us before contestant meeting (the earlier, the better).
  9. Attending the contestant meeting is required. You need it to get a feel for the stage. We need it to double-check your tech, and to make sure the crew knows what to expect from your entry. This meeting will be 1 ½ hours prior to the actual event, so it won’t take up your entire day.
  10. If you’re going to have large props, bring your own ninjas to get them on and off stage.
  11. Individual entries are granted 60* seconds on stage. You may use less time, but if you exceed the limit, you may be ineligible for any award.
  12. Group entries are granted 90* seconds on stage. You may use less time, but if you exceed the limit, you may be ineligible for any award.
  13. The masquerade directors may grant additional time for your entry upon request. Additional time must be requested in advance.

* These times are approximate! We don’t want 5 minute productions, but 1-2 minutes should be fine, unless we get a TON of entries!

The Judges (don’t have to include this!):

  • Betty Bigelow
  • Holly Forbis
  • Ann Ezell

Info Sheet:

This document contains rules and basic information for the Masquerade. It’s important that folks who want to participate please read through this! Click Here