Dealer’s Room Hours

THURS: 3pm to 9pm          FRIDAY: 8am to Noon.  (Please be set up by 11:30am)
FRIDAY:  Noon to 6pm
SATURDAY: 9am to 6pm  (room open at 8am for Dealers)
SUNDAY: 10am to 4pm  (room open at 9am for Dealers)


Thanks everyone! Dealers Room is FULL for OryCon 42! Applications for 2022 (OryCon 43) will be open in December!

Once you’ve submitted your application, please use THIS LINK to pay for your Dealer fees and purchase your Memberships.

You don’t NEED to buy your Membership yet, but you’ll save money by doing it earlier. ALL folks working your booth, including yourself, must have Memberships.

* If you paid for the 2020 convention, please contact dealers[at] to roll over your membership.
* If you signed up and paid in 2020 you will have priority / automatic acceptance.
* We expect to have between 30-35 dealers this year, but this number may go up depending on change in covid circumstances.
* Due to proximity of dealers and customers, at this time, we’re asking that all dealers wear masks, unless not medically an option.
* While you may still have as many assistants as in prior years, we are asking that you limit the number of folks WORKING in the booth at any one time to TWO people. Let us know if you have an exception to this that you require to be made.


Space in the Dealers Room or on the waiting list will only be assigned on receipt of full payment, completed registration and the waiver form. Deposits will not be accepted. Checks will be deposited, whether you are on the waiting list or not. Refunds will be processed for wait listed dealers after the convention, in the case you were not contacted to fill a vacancy.

The Dealers Room may sell out early. If your registration is received after all space has been sold, you will be given the option of being placed on the waiting list or withdrawing your application and receiving a refund.

Please notify the Dealers Liaison if you need to cancel your attendance. Refunds, when appropriate, will be paid as soon as possible. Cancellations made 21 days before the convention may be refunded after the convention, if the space can be re-sold.  Emergency Cancellations will be made upon approval of the Dealer Liaison and Convention Chair(s).

Every dealer staff person in the Dealers Room during the convention is required to have a membership. Each worker in your space must have their own membership. Note: “<Business Name> Minion” and similar names are not acceptable legal names unless you can produce government-issued ID with that name on it. Badges may not be swapped.

Any space that is not claimed by its occupant by noon on Friday of the event will be subject to reassignment to someone on the waiting list, or resold. No refunds will be issued for a “No-Notice, No-Show”. The only exceptions made will be in cases of actual emergencies.

Please notify the Dealers Liaison at as soon as you possibly can in such situations. If you are running late, you can prevent reassignment of your space by giving notice in advance of the delay. All dealers with confirmed space will be given a number to contact in case of such an event. It can also be used to notify the liaison if you need to cancel your participation in OryCon.


We must comply with the rules of the Portland Fire Marshal, and we could be inspected during OryCon. The aisles must be 8’ wide and unblocked. Each extension cord (from the wall) can have only one power strip plugged into it.

Please don’t rearrange your space or exchange spaces with other dealers without getting prior permission from the Dealers Liaison.

Those of you requesting access to electrical outlets need to know that OryCon’s supply of power strips and extension cords is limited and in high demand convention-wide. If you have such equipment of your own, please bring it. Label your equipment! Don’t forget to check that it is all with you when you leave.

Please choose the display methods for your merchandise responsibly. Please utilize screens or containers to block view of and easy access to materials of an adult nature from the aisle. Courtesy and discretion will be appreciated.


Only members and guests of the convention are allowed into the Dealers Room. If someone who is neither a member nor a convention guest is bringing you something, ask them to pick up a delivery pass at Registration. If you think you’ll need one, you can get one beforehand as well.

Please keep your displays and merchandise inside your space. This rule applies to booths and tables. Do not burn incense or display open perfume containers. Keep music and video reasonably discrete. If someone wants to hear a sample more loudly, please provide earphones.

No Dealers shall conduct raffles, drawings, or any other promotional activities involving the exchange of money without the *explicit* permission of the OryCon Chair(s).

OryCon is a weaponless convention. If you are selling weapons (swords, knives, daggers, blasters, pea-shooters or whatever), bring the usual means of wrapping them securely for transport out of the Dealers Room.

Buyers of bladed weapons or products MUST be over the age of 18 or accompanied by a custodial guardian who MUST conduct the transaction. You must check ID on sales. Violating this provision will result in expulsion from the Dealers Room without refund.

If you want something from Hospitality, please ask for a “to go” container. They’ll be happy to provide you with one. Do not carry open plates from Hospitality to the Dealers Room. When the room closes for the evening – you close, too. Deal with any remaining customers politely and quickly. Please, shut down your spaces quickly so those of us on Staff may have our dinners, too.

Once the Dealers Room is closed, no one will be allowed inside, other than for DIRE medical emergencies!
OryCon will provide private paid security in the Dealers Room when it is closed.

List of Dealers for OryCon 42

Arbitrary Crafts
Attention Span Games InDiPro
Author E.S.Brown
Author: Lindsay Schopfer
B Cubed Press
Bethany-sensei’s Tea & Comics
BJ Neblett ~ Author
Book Universe, Inc.
Chained Dragon Works
Clockwork Dragon Books
Chanticleer Media
Colleen Deignan Illustration
Dancing Muse Costume Shop
Darkmoon Faire
Don’s Dungeon
Fairwood Press
Friends of Filk
Geek Girl Stuff
Geek Lolita
Grouchy Mongol Armory
J.K. Kelley, Editor / House Chaos Games
Kristel’s Kreations
Wings of Fantasy
Lisa Lowell Books
Magic, Masks, and Mystery
MAJart Works
Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique
Northwest Independent Writers Assn (NIWA)
Occams Edge
Perilous Journeys
Pullo Pup Publishing
Queen Designs LLC
J.S. Fields: Author and Scientist
Sanan Kolva, author
Studio Tinidril
Susan Petrey Scholarhip Fund