Welcome to the Creation Station Zoom Room at OR e-Con 2, November 4-6, 2022!

Join us as we celebrate our remarkable 20th anniversary as a collective of fan creatives involved in hosting inclusive, participatory fan creation panels, contests, demos, workshops, events, etc. at cons!

Creation Station’s Guest of Honor is:

Lindsey Robbins, Digital/3-D Artist

on The Mandalorian, Pinnochio, and “other things she’s Not Allowed To Talk About,” presenting about her creative process, as well as:

Dreaming of Electric Sheep: AI Art

She’s also a storyteller, and she will be reading! Lindsey has been a Creation Station panelist since our early Kumoricon years…

Program: We were founded in 2003 at the first Kumoricon, as the Kumoricon_Fanfiction Yahoo Group, at the culmination of Kumo’s first Fanfic panel and contest. This year as always, we are introducing new panelists and new panels!

Our new content will include:

Cosplay: Beyond the Sewing; Nathan Pierce Meet & Greet; Jenny Everywhere fanworks; paper-folding; Furry Fiction; Burlesque & Drag; Tiara Tutorial; Serializing Fiction; New Writers’ Meetup; Kinetic Sculptures; Dungeons & Dragons Drop-In Game; Producing Zoom Events; films & videos made by CS: PartyQuest: Tales Around the Campfire (comedy D&D film); Daddy the Muse music videos; Borders & Frontiers of Gender (historic biography) – come be a part of it all!

Our returning favorite events will include:

Live Script Reading (Everyone’s welcome to perform!), Fandom Food, Dungeon Core Readings,

Fanfic content, Kitten Caboodle, Sword demo, Tiptoe Through the TARDIS, RPG MadLibs, etc.!

(Please note: Some Creation Station content will be on Twitch and/or Discord)

All content (except if labeled: 18+) is for all ages, all levels of experience.

All abilities, any or no gender(s), orientation(s), belief(s) heritage(s), are always welcome.